Who we are & what we do

  - FAITH: Giving Thanks Together

   - HOPE: Looking to the future in the knowledge of God’s love for us

  - LOVE: Sharing Christ Through Serving

                 Striving To Welcome Everyone

- Our History

- Our Patron Saint  




Who we are & what we do

We continue to explore together the Bishop of Southwark's call for us to deepen our faith, hope and love.

Confirmation 2014 with Bishop Christopher

 - FAITH: Giving Thanks Together...

We journey together as fellow members of the Body of Christ, giving thanks to God for all that he has done through Jesus.

Our worship draws from the catholic tradition within the Church of England, with vestments, servers, and occasional incense.


 - HOPE: Looking to the future in the knowledge of God’s love for us...

Jesus resurrection from the dead gives us hope for the future through the promise of new life to come, and new life through the forgiveness of our sins.

We enter into the Christian hope through our Christening (Baptism). These held during the main service at 10am Sundays, and at 11.45 on most first and third Sundays. Come along to our Sunday 10am service to find out more.

Weddings* (a sign of hope and love) and funerals (where we look to the hope of the life to come) are booked by arrangement with the clergy.

*Note that certain legal conditions apply to getting married in church.


 - LOVE: Sharing Christ Through Serving...

As God sent his Son Jesus to serve and bring new life, so he sends us to follow his example.

We have Crèche twice a month, a church school on Wrotham Road, and a parish hall which is used for a variety of community activities including uniformed groups, a playschool and dog training.

For more information about these, or serving on a Sunday or singing in the choir, speak to a member of the clergy.


 - LOVE: Striving To Welcome Everyone...

We believe that God calls everyone to know, love and worship him, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

As with all human beings, we get things wrong from time to time, but we strive to travel together as a community supporting one-another in Christian friendship.

We are part of Inclusive Church


St Michael's EW Pentecost Video - Hello! This is Us


Our History

There has been a worshipping community in the ancient village of East Wickham since the C12th, when a chapel of ease was set up in the ancient parish of Plumstead.

This small building is now used by the Greek Orthodox Community of Christ The Saviour.

In the C19th we became a separate parish, and to cope with the swift expansion of the parish between the wars, the current St Michael's Church was built in the 1930s. 



Our Patron Saint      

Our church is dedicated to St Michael the Archangel, an unusual dedication showing how long ago we were established, since more 'modern' churches tend to be named 'St Michael & All Angels'.