Who can attend services at St Michael's?

- Anyone! All are welcome at our church.


How often are communion services held/ Do you have services during the week?

- There are at least two communion services every Sunday (8am and 10am).

- A service of Morning Prayer is held on Wednesday at 10am.

- A monthly Requiem service is held at noon on the first Saturday of each month


Can I get married at St Michael's?

- Yes, if you live in the parish (see list of roads covered), or are on our Electoral Role (membership list). If not, you may have a qualifying connection. See Church of England website for a list of these.

 How do I book a wedding?

- Contact Fr Mark on 020 8310 5063               

wedding 0815

   (Image used with permission from Nigel Barrett Photography)

wedding 2021

Can I arrange a funeral at St Michael's?

- Anyone who lives in the parish, or who has a connection with St Michael's can have a funeral held here. We also have an area at the side of the church for interment of ashes.

 - Arrangements are made through undertakers, who should consult with the Vicar over booking dates.

The clergy are also available for funerals conducted at crematoria or gravesides. Again, arrangements are made through undertakers.